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Cap orientation is easy with easy cap

Discover SMI easy-cap system!

Starting with these premises, SMI has developed the new EASY-CAP system, a gravitational cap-picking system which takes the caps from the hopper and keeps them in the correct position until they reach the ECOBLOC® ERGON integrated system for blowing, filling and capping PET bottles.



 the EASY-CAP system is made up of a motorized hopper for the loading of the loose caps, an elevated conveyor for handling the caps and a cap outfeed discharger that is fitted to the cap channel;

• the conveyor belt is equipped with specific bars transporting only the caps which are in the correct place and direction;

• the gravitational cap-picking system is equipped with special guides that keep the caps in the correct position and carry them towards the single lane outfeed channel, placed at the height which most suits the user needs


• compact structure, made from AISI 304 steel, suitable for any layout solution;

• fluid and linear functioning, transporting only properly oriented caps (those with the hollow part placed on the belt fall back into the hopper through gravity);

• system suitable to different kinds of plastic caps;

 user-friendly interface, allowing the operator to use the machine easily and efficiently.