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SMI solutions to pack conical containers

How to get noticed among the shelves

Packaging design has become a real promotional tool that uses originality and convenience as leverage. For this reason, it is essential to invest in packaging machines like SMI packers from the MP ERGON series that create cardboard packs with captivating graphics and strong visual impact, which attract consumer attention.

The continuous motion packaging system guarantees a fluid production process that preserves the integrity and quality of the product.

The packers from the MP ERGON series can be equipped with bespoke solutions to pack containers with a particular shape, like conical jars, that, precisely because of their shape, are more unstable and require therefore particular attention.

During the packaging process an empty space is created on the lower base of the containers grouped in formats of 2xn, due to the fact that the top has a larger diameter. In order to reduce the gap of the bottom part, the overlapping sleeves can be equipped with product-stopping flaps, in order to block containers and protect them from falling out, without needing any additional side protection such as top or bottom flaps.

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