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Author: C@ltechAdmin

Cap orientation is easy with easy cap

Discover SMI easy-cap system! Starting with these premises, SMI has developed the new EASY-CAP system, a gravitational cap-picking system which takes the caps from the hopper and keeps them in the correct position until they reach the ECOBLOC® ERGON integrated system for blowing, filling and capping PET bottles.   Benefits • the

Preferential heating using SMI blowers

Find out the advantages of the preferential heating Manufacturers of detergents, cleaners, cosmetics, sauces and condiments are more likely to use non-cylindrical containers, that are practical to handle and widely customizable in terms of shape, size and look.   Getting high-quality non-cylindrical PET containers requires the use of blow moulding technologies of the

SMI solutions to pack conical containers

How to get noticed among the shelves Packaging design has become a real promotional tool that uses originality and convenience as leverage. For this reason, it is essential to invest in packaging machines like SMI packers from the MP ERGON series that create cardboard packs with captivating graphics